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Psychic Atisha is a third generation clairvoyant and was introduced to tarot cards at a young age. She is also adept at angel card readings. It's really up to the client what type of reading is most comfortable for them.

Psychic Atisha has over 20 years experience as a reader. Atisha's natural abilities come from a long line of clairvoyants and clairsentients within her family. She was raised to understand that angels and spirits are real, and with that openness, angels and spirits became a very real experience for her.

Atisha has dedicated her life to helping others discover that all of us are entitled to love, peace, abundance and clarity. Occasionally, we need a little help to understand this truth (by getting on our true path).

Clients and callers are continually touched by Atisha genuine compassion and her ability to see into even the most complex issues. She is non-judgmental and often takes the approach that a quality reading will reveal and bring what is best for all concerned. Atisha's commitment to those who contact her for help has developed for her a loyal cliental. Little known about her is how gifted she is with dream interpretation - often bring a unique insight to seeming unrelated visions.

Atisha is direct and only relays to you what is revealed to her. She also provides psychic counseling to provide direction and help with how to best proceed in any situation, be it love, business, family or one's life path. When you have a question, Atisha is the one you want to call ... More About Atisha

To Call Psychic Atisha:  1-866-327-9032
Atisha's Personal Extension: 7936
(Toll Free USA And Canada)

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