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Psychic Janne combines her natural clairvoyance with her considerable knowledge of astrology (and tarot) to give clients powerful, upbeat, positive, helpful readings ...

Whatever Your Questions About Love,  Career, Family or Relationships I Am Ready to answer Astrologer and clairvoyant Janne may not claim to be an expert in astrology, but you will be hard pressed to find anyone who has both the personal experience and academic background in astrology that Janne possess. Janne studied at the University of Wales Masters in Cultural Astrology and Astronomy, plus attended courses in London, England, with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Understanding the mystical arts in clairvoyance, tarot and astrology has been a life time passion for Janne.

With 35 years of professional experience, psychic Janne has assisted thousands of people world wide with finding answers to some of life's most difficult questions. Besides her insights into people and situations, clients and callers are often continually impressed with Janne's ability to review the mystical evidence and provide predictions and timelines. Her command of astrology and tarot, combined with her clairvoyance, make for impressive readings.

Whatever you questions or needs, psychic Janne is ready to help. Whether you are looking to find out if you have found a cosmic love match; or want insights into what the stars have in store for you; or want help with timing in a relationship, career or business deal; you are good hands with Janne. Helping people make the best choices and the right time is her passion. Call today. You can have a gifted clairvoyant astrologer working to make your life unfold in a joyful, positive way.

Call Psychic Janne:  1-866-327-9032
Janne's Personal Extension: 7858
(Toll Free USA And Canada)

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