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"Love's not always seeing the in them. It's believing it's there, even when you can't see it."

About Psychic Flynn

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

If every single soul in this universe knew just how much they are loved. A large part of this work is giving love to people who haven't been given the affection they deserve by being a tender heart and a supportive friend to everyone. I am so happy to be here for you all and to bring you the love you deserve. It is the fact that a lot of people are in pain because the love that should have been shared by family, friends, and romantic partners was withheld from them. If everyone knew how loved they truly were by the forces of the universe and the very fabric of existence itself, perhaps they'd be freer with sharing their love. Perhaps they would be freer sharing their love with their children, romantic partners, and everyone.

Can you share your intention and motivation on why you are in this line of work?

How can I heal my brothers and sisters? How can I wake up every single day with a smile on my face, knowing that I am sharing love and helping people to the best of my abilities? How can I make sure that when I am a great-grandfather I know I did what I could to create a loving world for my family to live in? I can make sure of this by serving each of you, my kin. You are all my family. What motivates me to carry on in this line of work? Every one of you motivates me. I feel warmth in my heart when I see you find happiness or peace of mind. Better yet when I get to see your pains and scars start to heal. After all, what's more important than seeing your family happy? To me, nothing is more important. That's why I'm here.

What makes your reading style unique?

I was born into this world of spirits and mysticism. I first began my study at eight years old and have been advising since I was a boy. Because of this, my readings have matured. When I began, I used tools or sought insight from omen. It's ironic. I've come to the place where it isn't a reading, but a conversation between you, my friends and loved ones, and with the universe itself. Your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels come about and share directly. Because of that, they also ask you questions and work with you in ways beyond just giving you answers. You'll find as we work together that your guardians will help evoke within you your own gifts of insight and help you grow inside.

What can one expect before and after having a psychic reading with you?

If you come to me with pain, fear, doubts, anxiety, or sadness you can expect me to open my heart and arms to you. I'll offer you an ear that will not judge you and guidance that will not scold you. I am a servant of your guides and spiritual guardians. All that I have for you here is safety, reassurance, and insights from the creation. You can bring me your troubles and leave with relief. Bring your loneliness and leave feeling truly seen and appreciated. I do appreciate every one of you. And when I am on the phone with you, all the universe is listening to your words. Just as I love you all, so too does the universe itself. Whether you need a friend to vent to or insights from beyond the material plane. You will be known.

What is your strongest psychic ability, and how has this helped others?

Being an empath has been my greatest blessing and curse. My whole life I've felt the pains of my kin around the world echo inside me. It happens to us a lot more than we know. We feel so much pain and despair and don't know why. I was taught how to turn that curse into a tool to help my friends and family around the planet. When you come to me the first thing my empathic gifts are doing is seeking how I can help you heal from your pains. I can help with the deepest pains, even the ones you may not be aware of. They help me as an advisor to wipe the tears from the eyes of my friends and offer the consolation and the guidance they need to heal. I can help you heal, conquer and overcome. The path of all life is to transform into more.

Please tell us how others can benefit from seeking your psychic guidance?

Once, spiritual guides could only be found deep in the forests or high in the mountains. Humanity has embraced the gifts we all share in. Counselors like me are available to help you all. It's such a blessing. Why was it that people used to go through all the trouble to speak with guides in those old days? It was never about us. It was about the love and guidance that comes from the Creation itself. It was about you. Finding the answers to questions you never even knew you had. Finding healing in places that have felt empty or aching for so long. To know and be known. I can speak for hours about this. The benefits of a single conversation are infinite to you. The most important benefit you will receive is love and reassurance.

How are psychics perceived in your community?

I was raised in this life. Psychic and spiritual guides have been in my bloodline on both sides for generations. It was always something acknowledged in the background by some family members. But for my immediate community and family it was our way of life. Humanity is always seeking answers. Always seeking peace and insight to bring them hope in the chaos that is this existence. The pursuit of happiness is also the pursuit of stability. Since the dawn of time, our way of life has been vital in helping people find that stability. Will our crops grow? Will our baby be strong? Will we marry? Will we prosper? They've been asking my family these questions for centuries. So, this kind of work, this kind of service, is all very normal to me.

In what ways do your clients find you relatable to the issues they face in their lives?

I am human, and I have lived a vivid life. Most clients don't know this until we have spoken for some time, but my path has been wild. I have battled with health issues and won. As a boy I was homeless and broke. My family climbed our way out of rough neighborhoods through love and community. Have you witnessed child abuse, domestic abuse, toxic relationships, and/or questioning sexuality? I have been there. Losing loved ones to health problems or violence? I've known it. Drug abuse? I've been there as my close family has conquered those demons. I lost my father to it early on. Threats on my life? Building success for me and mine? In the end, vice or love, I know your troubles. I won't judge you. That's love.

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